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We believe the right way to do business is without harming people or our planet. Our goal is to work as your partner to create a product that will not do either of those things.  We know that no one can be perfect, we just believe we can all do better with each decision we make. 

We are proud of how we’ve helped our customers reach their goals—both to have a positive impact and to best represent their brands. Every better. project aligns with our mission to provide sustainable, ethical statements to meet our clients' needs. 

We 'd love to show you what we can do—check out our lookbooks for ideas of how we can help your organization reach its promotional goals and review our case studies for examples of work we've done with our clients.


Scrolling through our lookbooks is a great way to learn about some of our favorite product offerings. They will help you come up with innovative ideas for your brand. Please take a look below at some of our lookbooks to get inspired! If you have any questions, want to see other amazing products, or want to see your brand logo on any of these products, just reach out!

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COVID-19 Preparedness Kit

We’re committed to curating better products that contribute less to environmental degradation. Products from this Preparedness Kit are not only important for our individual health, but also for the health of our global community. 

See COVID-19 Preparedness Products

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2020's Top New Products

We pride ourselves on sharing the latest and most innovative products with you. 2020 has brought an influx of creative eco-friendly products that will represent your brand in the best way possible. You will see some great examples of those products in this lookbook.

See 2020's Top New Products

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8 no-waste product ideas.

Zero-waste products like the ones you'll see in this book are a great way to promote your brand while doing better for our planet. Rep your organization without relying on single-use, throw-away materials for a statement that lasts.

Get No-Waste Product Ideas.

case studies.

We love talking with our clients to learn about their goals and aspirations.  Through our relationships, we have been able to create lasting products that have a large impact on their audience.  We've been able to help our customers reach their goals by being a committed partner and supporting them in any way we can. Check back soon to see examples of our work with our clients.


Student and Faculty Gifts with AFS

Working with one of our long-term clients we were able to create a memorable set of gifts for students and faculty at the end of a unique school year. AFS is rooted in sustainability and we were able to work together to ensure that the gifts going to their community were environmentally friendly.


Learn more about Abington Friends School and the eco-friendly gifts that better. by BlueStar designed for students and faculty!

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End Allergies Together with Camp Mah-Kee-Nac

We had the great opportunity to work with one of our clients, Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, for a good cause. The camp's directors approached our team looking for some gear for a charity fundraising event, so we were able to work together and create a memorable, environmentally conscious, socially beneficial experience for everyone involved.


Learn more about End Allergies Together (E.A.T.), Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, and the eco-friendly shirts that better. by BlueStar designed for participants of this event!

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Goodway Technologies: Vision 2020

Working with our client Goodway we created a memorable product to introduce their vision for the new year. It was important for them to give their employees a gift that would be long-lasting, transportable, and would encourage a sustainable lifestyle. We understood the importance of conveying a company-wide vision to a large company, so we were thrilled to help Goodway develop the perfect product for their event.


Learn more about Goodway and a long-lasting eco-friendly employee gift!

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impact partners.

As we are constantly pushing ourselves to be better everyday, we find it imperative to align with organizations that are driving us to do just that. We continue to be educated by our amazing impact partners who work tirelessly to drive positive change in the world.


Certified B Corporation​®

We are very proud of this certification and really excited to share all of the awesome things this community stands for. We would love to show you a little bit more about B Corp, why we worked so diligently to earn this certification, and what it all means for you.

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