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stylish and eco-friendly drinkware.

make a no-waste statement.

Of the more than 8.3 billion tons of plastic that has been made since the 1950s, more than 90% of it has ended up in landfills, our oceans, or has been burned. Yes, that’s right: 90%. And the plastic that floats in masses in the ocean includes a lot of single-use items that we in the U.S. take for granted, including cups and straws. We can’t end plastic pollution alone, but we felt compelled to do better. 


Here you’ll find some of our favorite reusable drinkware brand offerings to help your organization represent itself more sustainably and, if we may say so ourselves, look pretty dang cool. And, we have more to offer—contact us to find the better. fit for your needs.

7. Gemline Miir White Mug.jpg

We are fans of Miir for many reasons. We love their Product-to-Project ideology. They partner with foundations looking to improve communities, land, and water. Their mission goes beyond selling products; They look to go a step further and have a positive impact across the globe. Plus, we find their products to be durable, innovative, and aesthetically appealing. We also love that they are a B Corp, 1% for the Planet, and Climate Neutral Certified.

6. Gemline Miir Black.jpg
6. Gemline Miir White.jpg

We love the variety of bottle options Camelbak offers. Their Ditch Disposable program is also very inspiring and important. They are a company that truly cares about their impact and how their manufacturing process affects the environment. This is evident through their LEED certified manufacturing plant.


Our favorite part, beyond their good-looking bottles, is Welly's commitment to charity: water.  Welly donates 3% of all of their sales to bring wells and other long-lasting clean water solutions to communities worldwide.

1629-01WH_D_FRT (1).jpg

With Stanley it is all about their longevity. Their products have the ability to last decades and, in turn, reduce waste greatly. Stanley is committed to ethical manufacturing and reducing their corporate footprint.

1640-03GR_D (1).jpg

We enjoy Leed's product line because of the amount of variety they have. They offer almost every type of drinking vessel that a you could want. Leeds is looking to become a leader and innovator in environmentally-friendly drinkware.

1624-40SL_D-2 (1).jpg
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