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We Are A Certified B Corporation®!

We are very proud of this certification and really excited to share all of the awesome things this community stands for. We would love to show you a little bit more about B Corp, why we worked so diligently to earn this certification, and what it all means for you.

better. by BlueStar Is A Certified B Corporation®!


What Is A B Corp™?


Wondering what that means? We have been certified by B Lab as a company that has an explicit social or environmental mission, and a legally binding fiduciary responsibility to take into account the interests of workers, the community and the environment. As a B Corp™, we report on all aspects of our business so that we can validate we are contributing to the positive impact that we promise. B Lab is a nonprofit organization based in Pennsylvania that certifies B Corporations®. The B stands for “benefit,” and refers to benefiting our employees, community, and environment.  “A historic global culture shift is underway to harness the power of business to help address society’s greatest challenges. B Lab’s goal is to accelerate this culture shift and make it meaningful and lasting. Our vision is of an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system for all people and the planet.” (B Lab)  better. by BlueStar is joining over 3400 companies in 71 countries, like Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, and Allbirds. 



What Is better. by BlueStar Committed To?


Currently, for-profit businesses are designed to keep financial interests as top priority over the interest of their community, environment, or employees. better. is proud to be part of a community working towards B Lab’s mission. We believe the nature of business does not have to be solely focused on profit, and that it should be a force for good. People Using Business As A Force For Good™.


Why Did We Work So Diligently To Earn This Certification?


The nature of our industry is notoriously detrimental to the well-being of our environment as well as many of the workers who create promotional products. better. by BlueStar believes there is a better way to do business. One that considers the fair treatment of all factors in the promotional products industry. Earning B Corp™ certification solidifies our commitment to bettering our community and environment, as well as shows how we strive to provide high-quality service to our customers with no unnecessary harm to anything or anyone. As a B Corp™, better. will measure and manage the impact of our business on our employees, community and the environment with as much rigor as we manage and monitor our profits.


Why Does It Matter To You And The World?


While we are very excited about our B Corp certification and understand that it is driving us to be better each and every day, it is ultimately up to the consumer to decide what direction the promotional marketing industry goes. Every dollar you spend is a VOTE. Your dollar represents which companies, and their values, you support.  So as you shop with your hard-earned dollars, we encourage you to seek out B Corp™ certified brands and businesses (B Corp Directory) that work everyday to use business as a force for good. This all matters because you have the ability to change an entire industry for the better, each time you VOTE.  So if you are someone who cares about people and our planet, as well as the ability for businesses to be more than just money-makers, we think you will find all of this pretty cool and inspiring!


What Does This Mean For Our Shared Future?


Simply, we are constantly asking ourselves, “how can we be better.?”, our B Corp certification ensures we will be held accountable to continue answering that question with the interest of all in mind. Together, we are building a future that is better for all people, all businesses, and our shared planet.

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