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stylish and reusable bags.

make a no-waste statement.

Americans alone use over 100 billion plastic bags each year. Waste Management estimates that just 1% of those bags are properly recycled. Additionally, each plastic bag is only used for an average of 12 minutes! Wow.  Single use bags have had a large impact on our ecosystem. ⅓ of Leatherback Sea Turtles have been found with plastic bags in their stomach and hundreds of other species are affected daily.  We can’t end plastic pollution alone, but we felt compelled to do better. 


Here you’ll find some of our favorite reusable bag brand offerings to help your organization represent itself more sustainably and, if we may say so ourselves, look pretty dang cool. And, we have more to offer—contact us to find the better. fit for your needs.


Parkland makes the outside of their products from 100% recycled clear PET plastic bottles.  Parkland was created in 2015 looking to inspire others to make sustainable choices by offering products that combine purpose, style, and quality at an accessible price.

7275-02MA_D-Angle-Cycle-Logo (1).jpg

Miir is a B Corp company that truly makes a positive impact on society. MiiR gives 3% of revenue to trackable giving projects. Every MiiR product comes with a Give Code that allows you to experience the story behind your purchase.  Their commuter bags are extremely durable and functional. From going to a picnic to biking to the office, their bags allow you to do everything with long-lasting strength.


EcoSmart is changing the promotional products industry for the better. They offer a large variety of bags that are made from recycled materials. Some of our favorite products that they carry are their grocery store totes made from recycled cotton and water bottles. EcoSmart is also part of 1% For The Planet which means they donate 1% of their revenue to environmentally focused non-profits.


Another 1% For The Planet member! Using materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and hemp, Econscious is able to create durable bags that are highly customizable and better for the planet. If you’re looking for better materials in your custom bag, Econscious is the brand for you.


RuMe® is short for ReUseMe. They are providers of premium, everyday bags geared toward creating an organized way of living. Their bags are designed with environmentally conscious consumers in mind who don’t want to sacrifice style and functionality for sustainability. Their wide variety of colors and patterns are fun and creative!

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