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Case Study: Goodway Technologies

We created the white “Vision 2020” vacuum insulated water bottles to help Goodway introduce their company vision to employees for the upcoming year. The bottles are more eco-friendly than plastic promotional products.

Goodway Technologies was looking to introduce their company vision for 2020 to their employees in a meaningful way. It was important for them to give their employees a gift that would be long-lasting, transportable, and would encourage a sustainable lifestyle. We understood the importance of conveying a company-wide vision to a large company, so we were thrilled to help Goodway develop the perfect product for their event.

Who is Goodway?

Goodway Technologies, located in Stamford, Connecticut, manufactures specialized industrial maintenance products for a diverse list of markets including HVAC, Energy, Maritime, Manufacturing, and Food and Beverage Production. Their innovative, technology-driven solutions are used by contractors, engineers, and maintenance professionals worldwide to perform routine maintenance duties faster, easier, safer, and more efficiently.

Goodway has been a client for BlueStar and better. by BlueStar for many years because of our ability to meet all of their needs, including our knowledge of which products will best represent their vision as a company. We have known their Chief of Staff, Melinda, for over 20 years. We have grown together and formed a great relationship that allows us to do incredible work together.

What was the event?

In January 2020, Goodway held their annual company-wide conference at their headquarters in Stamford. At the conference, they looked to convey their vision for the upcoming year to their employees. A main focus for their vision was to continue to make Goodway a great place to work and allow their employees to work and prosper in a family-like environment. This is a big event for Goodway, as it sets the path for their whole team.

What did we make?

We had two main goals for this product:

  1. Something that was transportable, so their employees could keep the vision in mind

  2. Something that would remind their employees to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

A vacuum-insulated water bottle fit their needs perfectly.

“They are always seeing products and saying this would be perfect for Goodway” Melinda says.

Our other work with Goodway

We’ve had the privilege of working with Goodway for over 20 years as BlueStar Marketing. Over the course of two decades, we have worked on countless projects, including customized t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, fleeces, coffee mugs, water bottles, hats, keychains, levels, blankets, and more. As Melinda says, “you name it we’ve had it done with them.”

As both companies grow over the course of this relationship, we remain excited to continue providing innovative, environmentally-friendly products to Goodway through better. by BlueStar. We love doing better. business!

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