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“Behind the B”: How The B Corp Community Is Changing The World, for better.

“Behind the B”: How the B Corp Community is changing the world, for better.

With 4,889 companies across 153 industries and 79 countries, the B Corp community is shifting the tide of business and building a future where people come before profit. The new wave is not about greenwashing or virtue signaling. It’s about genuine impact.

Does this sound too good to be true? Fair enough. Allow me to explain how this works, and maybe you will find yourself just as excited about the B Corp community as we are.

What does it mean to be a B corp?

Last month was B Corp month and companies were taking the public “Behind the B”, swinging open their doors to reveal what really goes on behind the scenes. In case you missed it, I will give you the rundown.

Scandals, exploitation and deceit are all too familiar in the business world of today. It’s no wonder people are losing faith in business to do the right thing.

This is where B Corp comes in. To be a B Corp is to be part of a movement towards an economy that is equitable, inclusive and gentle on the Earth. And these are not directionless sentiments, they are measurable actions held up to a rigorous set of standards.

As just some examples, B Corp’s are required to monitor energy and water use, and are legally accountable to worker and community interests, not just shareholders. B Lab, the non-profit that certifies companies as B Corps, has created a framework for measuring business impact and for holding B Corp’s accountable, scoring businesses based on the 5 impact areas of:






These scores are then displayed publicly, demonstrating a model of transparency unlike anything under the status quo.

Rather than individual businesses doing good in their respective industries, B Corp is a collective movement. B Corp is about a shared vision for a better world, supporting each other and holding each other accountable along the way.

How better. is living up to its B Corp status

Here at better. we are committed to the B Corp movement in our business operations and our everyday actions. For us, environmental sustainability is the foundation of our business. The promotional products industry is notorious for a heavy environmental impact, and we are choosing to be different.

In order to do so, we spend lots of time vetting our suppliers to guarantee that our supply chain is as people and planet-friendly as possible. It is important to us to have conversations with our clients about the benefits of products that are better for the planet, empowering our clients to make more sustainable choices and our manufacturers to use methods that are kinder on the planet as well.

We also refuse to be out of touch. Staying involved in our community and maintaining relationships with our partner non-profits is incredibly important to us. Last Earth Day we put on our gloves and helped clean up the Wissahickon Creek, organized by the recipient of our 2019 1% For The Planet donation.

These are just some of the ways we are committed to doing better. We are open to continuous growth and increased social responsibility, and we would love to hear your ideas about how you would like to see us do even better.

Shop from B Corp, Support B Corp, Become a B Corp!

There’s no Planet B.

But, there is also no need to keep on with business as we know it. B Corp spans across every industry, making it easy to shop from or work with companies that you can be certain are working to make this planet a better one.

Do you run a business? Maybe it’s time to see how your business can align with your values. Take a free impact assessment and check out the steps to becoming a B Corp yourself! Maybe you wish your company prioritized its workers and the planet over the bottom line. Here is your nudge to start those conversations.

As a proud member of the B Corp community, we will not stop until all business is a force for good.

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